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What does food for the hungry do?

Food for the Hungry (FH) is a Christian humanitarian organization ending all forms of human poverty by providing life-changing development programs, disaster relief, and advocacy.

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In respect to this, is there a hungryroot app?

Yes! If you're on your iPhone or iPad, you can download it here, or point your camera and scan the QR code below to get started. 30 Nov 2021

Also question is: does whole foods carry hungryroot? Hungryroot Launches Nationwide and Gets Into Whole Foods. 23 May 2016

Consequently, how many meals do you get with hungryroot?

You then choose your subscription plan, which is anywhere from 3-6 two-serving meals per week, plus snacks. 1 Mar 2020

Regarding this, where is freshly shipped from? We make our meals in our really, really big kitchens (over 60,000-square feet!) in Phoenix, Arizona, Linden, New Jersey, and Savage, Maryland. Our equipment is well-suited for small-batch production while still being able to make meals for lots of customers. 8 Dec 2020

Subsequently, do i refrigerate freshly?

We don't use any chemical preservatives or artificial ingredients, so our shelf life can range! The meals can typically be placed in the fridge for 4 days or frozen for longer. 15 Jun 2020

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Is freshly frozen or refrigerated? :: Can I freeze Hungryroot?
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