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Is Hungryroot a good deal?

Hungryroot Customer Reviews The food is really fresh and high quality. For the quality and amount of food, it's a good deal for our area. An item was missing from our first two boxes, but customer service was really easy to navigate and they compensated us for more than the item was worth." 27 Sept 2021

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Keeping this in view, how much does hungryroot cost a month?

There is no fee for starting Hungryroot. You simply sign up for weekly deliveries that you can pause at any time. You have the option of three different sized boxes: small ($69/week), medium ($99/week), and large ($129/week). The small size is three or more two-serving meals, plus snacks. 18 Feb 2020

Thereof, is it easy to cancel hungryroot? You may cancel your bundle subscription at any time on your account page or by contacting [email protected] Bundle orders are processed at 7pm ET (4pm PT) every Monday or Thursday before your bundle is to be delivered, depending on your delivery day.

People also ask: how many meals do you get with hungryroot?

You then choose your subscription plan, which is anywhere from 3-6 two-serving meals per week, plus snacks. 1 Mar 2020

Accordingly, can you lose weight on hungryroot? Here's how Hungryroot might help you lose weight: Most recipes are low to moderate calories (about 400-600 calories) appropriate for some people's weight loss goals. Hungryroot recipes are mostly balanced and follow the protein, healthy carb, healthy fat, and veggie meal component I would recommend for weight loss. 25 Jan 2021

In respect to this, where is hungryroot located?

909 Broadway, New York, NY Hungryroot is located at 909 Broadway, New York, NY 10010. 12 Apr 2019

Regarding this, what are the prices of hungryroot com? How much does Hungryroot cost? Hungryroot recipe servings cost between $8.49-$9.99 each. Ready-to-eat breakfasts and sweets range between about $3-$5 per serving, while snacks are between $2.50-$5 per serving.

What is the cost of Hungryroot com?

How much do plans cost? Plans start at $65+! Your plan size is personalized based on how much food you'd like us to cover, and you can update it anytime. Most people think of their Hungryroot delivery as the majority of their groceries for the week.

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