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How long does Killstar take to deliver?

Orders are processed and shipped from our warehouse within 5 business days after the order date. Please allow some extra time for order processing during busier times of the year or during sale events.

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In respect to this, can you cancel a killstar order?

CAN I CANCEL MY ORDER? Yes - let us know as soon as possible via email or the contact us form.

People also ask: how long are killstar dresses? : TUNIC DRESS CHEST CM LENGTH INCH X-SMALL 82 28-32"" SMALL 86 29-33"" MEDIUM 89 31-35"" LARGE 94 32-36"" 2 more rows

Correspondingly, when was killstar made?

Killstar, a UK-based brand established in 2010, delivers dark pieces with major edge, sex appeal, and a tinge of humor that's refreshing in the often all-too-serious world gothic fashion. 11 Sept 2015

Consequently, why is dollskill bad? Why is Dollskill a bad brand? - Quora. They steal designs often, promote mental illnesses and drugs, profit off sex workers but don't actually support them, are racist and culturally appropriate, ableist, and glamorize rape and pedophilia.

Also question is: who is shoddy lynn?

Dolls Kill was co-founded in 2011 by Shoddy Lynn, a former DJ who went by the stage name DJ Shoddy Lynn, and her husband Bobby Farahi. Dolls Kill was the fastest growing private company in the San Francisco Bay Area based on revenue percent growth in 2014.

Regarding this, when did killstar open? Established 2010 - Clothing Company from the United Kingdom; with a twist of darkness, channeling emotional power and raw energy into every thread.

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