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Does Shine work with Alexa?

This Smart Home Gadget Cleans Your Toilet for You, Is as Effective as Bleach. It's environmentally friendly, too. Bottom Line: The Shine Bathroom Assistant is the smartest and most environmentally friendly way to sanitize and clean your toilet automatically. It's even compatible with Amazon Alexa. 14 May 2021

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One may also ask: what is alexa shine?

Shine is an Alexa-enabled smart toilet gadget that wants to make your loo safer. And for when you want to pretend you're living in the future, you can even have AI Alexa ask AI Sam to clean your toilet. 3 Oct 2019

People also ask: how much does shine toilet cleaner cost? For $124.99, users will get a Shine device, a rechargeable battery, and the six cleaning pods. Even though this product is on pre-order, consumers can get up to four Shine bathroom assistants in their order right now. 4 Aug 2020

Regarding this, what is shine toilet cleaner?

Let Your Bathroom Take Care of Itself. Shine uses sensors to automatically clean your toilet with electrolyzed water, a non-toxic cleaner that's as effective as traditional bleach. Shine cleans the entire bowl, including hard to clean areas like under the rim.

People also ask: does shine bathroom work with google? The current roadmap for the Shine Bathroom Assistant and Sam includes integrations, actions, and/or apps available for Alexa, Google Home, Siri, and Portal. 14 Jul 2021

Subsequently, is shine toilet cleaner safe for septic systems?

Shine automatically cleans and deodorizes your toilet after each flush using electrolyzed water, as effective as bleach but septic-safe.

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