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Is it illegal to buy gift cards with credit cards?

You can absolutely buy gift cards with a credit card instead of cash or debit, but you should only do so with a plan. If you buy gift cards with plastic and don't pay your balance in full, for example, you'll wind up paying credit card interest on your revolving balance each month. 6 Dec 2021

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Thereof, how long does gift card granny take to send?

Typically, you can expect to receive your physical gift card within 4 days. However, after 10 days you still haven't received the gift card(s) from your order, please contact our customer support via our support page.

In respect to this, how do i redeem my granny gift card?

People also ask: are vanilla cards safe?

Answer: This is a scam. This is fraud. Do NOT cash that check. They want you to put real money on a gift card and send it to them. 30 Jun 2020

Subsequently, are gift cards safe to buy? Gift cards are safe and convenient payment and gift options—evident by their widespread popularity and use. According to the National Retail Federation, gift cards have been the most popular gifts in America for 14 years in a row—in addition to being popular incentives and rewards.

Regarding this, what is the most popular gift card?

Gift Card Popularity Over Time Gift Card 2021 Popularity Rank Change vs 2019 Rank Amazon Gift Card 1 - Visa Gift Card 2 - Walmart Gift Card 3 - Target Gift Card 4 - 4 more rows • 10 Nov 2021

Moreover, do stores make money from selling gift cards? Gift Cards for their own store have no margin but they are basically taking your money as in advance for a future sale. They do benefit doubly since either someone is forced to come purchase something from their store or the people may let the gift card expire and as a result they basically get free money.

Can you still buy phone top up vouchers?

You can buy an O2 voucher from any store with the green top up logo. The voucher remains valid for a year. To redeem, call 4444 from your phone, or 08456 062 277 if you're calling via landline, and enter the number on the receipt. You can top up anywhere from £10 to £50. 26 Jul 2018

How do I top up my mobile phone?

Depending on your provider, you can top-up your mobile phone at most Post Offices, Payzone retailers and major supermarkets. You can also top-up at most ATMs. To top-up at Post Office, Payzone store or a Supermarket, you will have to purchase E-voucher or swipe your E- top-up card supplied by your mobile Network. 19 Jul 2021

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