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Is ZIIP stock a legit website?

Do NOT order from them because they will take your money and not ship the product. They charged me for the products and it's been 2 and a half weeks and still haven't received the items. I've emailed them 4 times and no response! They are a bunch of scam artists!

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Thereof, is ziip lab legit?

Compared to the other aftermarket pods, they are definitely right up there. Ziip Labs has updated their pod design, so they seem to perform better than before (but not as good as the proprietary pods.) If you want new JUUL flavors in a wide range of nic strengths including 0 mg, they are worth a try. 27 Aug 2019

Keeping this in consideration, how long does it take for ziip stock to deliver? If you choose our free Ground shipping option, your order will generally arrive within 1-7 business days, depending on your location. The ZIIP team takes a much deserved rest on weekends and national holidays, so orders placed on those days will be processed the following week.

Also question is: does ziip stock require id?

All orders placed with ZiiP Stock are age verified during checkout. ´╗┐We reserve the right to use third-party age-verification systems, in accordance with federal law. If necessary, we reserve the right to ask for identification to verify information.

People also ask: are ziip pods good? While Juul pods have slightly and better defined flavor profiles, the Ziip cartridges are still very good. There isn't much of a difference, and they both taste pretty good. There aren't many issues when using Ziip products, and some people even have more issues with the proper Juul. 1 Jul 2019

Regarding this, how are ziip pods?

ZiiP Lab ZPods - Ziip Pods Features: Compatible with JUUL Device. 4 Pods Per Pack. Each Pod holds 1mL Nic Salt Juice. Nicotine: 5% (50mg)

Subsequently, what pods fit in stlth? The Z Pods are by far the absolute best Stlth compatible pods on the market! So much so, that we're actually selling them much more than regular Stlth pods.

How often can you use ZIIP?

3 times per week For best results, we recommend using your ZIIP 3 times per week, with a maximum of 6 times per week.

How long is StockX shipping?

StockX strives to complete all orders within 7-12 business days, (that doesn't include weekends or holidays), however, most orders are completed sooner. Shipping times vary depending on how quickly the seller sends the item to us to be authenticated. 28 Sept 2021

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