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Can you use aloe vera with ZIIP?

Ziip offers three kinds of conductor gels with different actives, peptides, and in the case of the one I have, 24-carat gold. Some bloggers have said that you can use almost any gel — even aloe vera gel — just to give the electrical currents the necessary medium to travel through, so that's an option. 2 May 2020

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People also ask: can you use other gels with ziip?

Each ZIIP gel has the same conductive base and will help deliver the same amount of current to your skin. Use the Silver Gel if you are more concerned with brightening and hydration. 8 Sept 2021

Correspondingly, can i use ziip without the app? Every ZIIP GX comes pre-programmed with Energize, a 12-minute treatment that uses both nanocurrent and microcurrent to sculpt, lift, and tone the skin. The Energize Treatment Step-by-Step video is available here and on the ZIIP YouTube channel should you prefer.

Consequently, does microcurrent melt fat?

The average treatment series consists of 12 treatments, generally administered over a 6 week period, each treatment takes around an hour. The one thing to keep in mind is that microcurrent can not replace fat tissue that has been lost in the face. 17 Feb 2019

In respect to this, does ziip help hyperpigmentation? It's designed to even skin tone by suppressing the overproduction of melanin that leads to dark spots and hyper-pigmentation. The six-minute treatment launched in February and is meant to be used every other day until pigmentation improves and then once a week for maintenance after that. 16 Feb 2018

Keeping this in consideration, is ziip a microcurrent?

ZIIP utilizes microcurrent for intense lifting and sculpting results.

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